Exact planning and process analysis can ensure long-term optimization of machine runtimes and full utilization of capacities. The module “Schedule & Dispatch” delivers the necessary data for the planning process. It includes sub-modules:

  • Order Data Management
  • Capacity Planning 
  • and Dynamic Scheduling.  

 Order Data Management

  • Direct communication of orders and work orders from ERP to the machine 
  • Order Data Management for operators, supervisors and shift leaders
  • Comparison of Planned vs. Actual and cost in real-time
  • Automated feedback of yield, scrap and rework quantities to ERP
  • Shop Floor Terminal is configurable for workplaces and user groups 
  • Multilingual terminal for both left- or right-handed operators 
Capacity Planning

  • Global shift management and shift planning
  • More than one parallel shift model per plant 
  • Flexible adaptation of shifts 
  • Shift productivity comparisons at the click of a button 
  • Direct import of shift models from SAP configuration 
Dynamic Scheduling

  • Simulation of optimized order for work orders
  • Automated costing during work order simulation
  • Set up and cycle time optimization 
  • Simulation models to identify alternative planning before release of new production plan 
  • Plain and understandable display of capacities and utilization
  • Tracking of work orders and parts throughout the production cycle
  • Visualization of order dependencies and complex processes

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