Productivity is Boss

 Maintaining competitiveness in the global market environment means producing more efficiently than others. That is why Lean Manufacturing philosophies and Continuous Improvement is at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution including German concepts like Industry 4.0. The very goal is to reduce downtime, errors and scrap to a minimum - or eliminate them all together. 

FORCAM delivers the right tool for the job: Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology, the new product suite FORCAM FORCE™Uniform, robust communications are part of the necessary infrastructure for modern business systems and 21st century analysis and decision-making. FORCAM’s newest technology solution, FORCAM FORCE™, harmonizes all manufacturing operations from to the top -- to the shop floor and across the global supply chain and enterprise creating the transparent factory environment. 

Production can easily be monitored and live data gathered during actual operation. This data is not only fed back into any connected ERP system but can also be accessed by authorized personnel from any mobile device or tablet. This way any deviation from the target can be addressed and corrected in real time to ensure a more efficient and leaner production process. 

Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology not only empowers the shop floor and retains jobs but also positively impacts national economies and the environment.

Benefits of the FORCAM Solution:


  • Smart Data: Reliable and Objective Analysis
  • Reduction: Waste, Downtimes, Cycle Times
  • Increase: Capacity on all Assets
  • Improvement: Quality
  • Accountability: On-Time Delivery
  • Reporting: Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), Utilization, and Performance
  • Results: Productivity Increases and a Fast ROI

We Deliver Results in Productivity.