The Power of Productivity

  Industrie 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing is about more than merely increasing machine utilization. There are other factors to take into account, in order to transform your plant into a “Smart Factory”:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Fast and efficient trouble-shooting
  • Lower inventory, logistics and warehouse costs through Just-In-Time production
  • Instant availability of key metrics from the shop floor

Technology solution FORCAM FORCE™ addresses all these dimensions. Product features range from connection of heterogeneous machine controls in several different locations to production analysis for all assets on a global scale. In essence, FORCAM offers Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology for process control beyond borders - languages and time zones. 


Our promise: By using FORCAM FORCETM we guarantee to increase productivity by at least 10 percent."

Franz Eduard Gruber, CEO FORCAM GmbH

Benefits for Users

From machine operators - to plant managers – to top management - every user is able to access the right information to make meaningful decisions. The system is fully adaptable to individual needs and roles. System templates for different user groups make administration clear and simple.

Data collected from the machines and production lines can be leveraged for exact analysis of planned and actual progress. Specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI) consolidate and transform Big Data to Smart Data and help identify areas for improvement without having to pour over long data spreadsheets. 

A central server or cloud solution ensures that data is distributed in real time to where it is needed.  

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it."

Lord Kelvin

Objective data delivery gives more room for strategic decisions. FORCAM FORCE™ delivers the information to answer these and other questions: 

  • Is the machine utilization sufficient? 
  • Are we working with satisfactory Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)? 
  • Are investments in new machines justified? 

The modular structure of FORCAM FORCE™ ensures you only pay for what you really need. This way you work with a tailored IT solution accommodating your production facilities. 


What makes FORCAM FORCE™ unique for our customers?

  • Transparency - Clear graphics of the dynamic scheduling process and benchmarking capabilities
  • Speed - In-Memory based technology and Big-Data-analysis in real time
  • Flexibility - Connection of any machine asset regardless of type, age or manufacturer
  • Connectivity - As single IT-platform for the entire production – interoperability and seamless integration for systems such as SAP/ERP, PLM, CAQ oder TDM
  • Cloud Capability - All users and systems communicate worldwide via the Internet and all browser-enabled devices
  • Global Capability - No languages and time zone dependencies: all computer clocks run exactly synchronized to the millisecond